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Medical id alert beaded bracelets, kids, toddler,  adult
Silicone Rubber Medical ID bracelet

Type 1 Diabetes Silicone Rubber bracelet

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Both you and your children will love our NEW red silicone bracelets in lots of styles! They are embossed and filled with white color for extra durability. We offer these in several sayings. They are perfect for sports, summer camps, and to have around just encase!

Choose from 6 inch (child) or 7 inch (youth)

**This is for one of the premade Type 1 Diabetes  Insulin Dependent bracelet ~ NO custom engraving these are premade**





Price as low as: $1.25
Volume Pricing
Quantity Price Each

Units:       1 bracelet

Approximate Shipping Time:
1 weeks

Bracelet Size
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